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​March 9, 2017 Radio Interview with Jack Harris and Tedd Webb AM Tampa Bay WFLA 970 AM (Fast forward to the 71 minute mark in this podcast:) ​  

August 2016
Clearwater Beach Neighborhood Newsletter      August 20, 2016
by Bob Griffin, Publisher                          (scroll to page 18)

For those that would like to park their car and ride an overhead shuttle from the beach to the Mainland—a five-minute ride – it might just happen. There is a serious proposal to install a multi-million dollar SkyTran™  from the mainland of Clearwater to the area around Pier 60 and The Marina. 
Since traffic and parking are two of the beach’s biggest problems, City Officials are reviewing the proA SkyTran™ is similar to a monorail, like those you see at Disney World. The proposal calls for enclosed pods that can carry up to four people and are capable of speeds higher than 60 miles per hour. Each pod runs point to point and only stops at the rider’s destination for . It would be handicapped accessible. An app is already developed allowing riders to make a reservation from a smartphone...
July 2016

June 2016 

"The Future of Public Transportation"                June 24, 2016                                                                       
SkyTran came closer to deploying its novel autonomous gondola-type system in Clearwater Florida. Last month, the city council heard a presentation by private citizen Tom Nocera for a proposal dubbed “BeachTran"...

One-way streets pitched as fix to Clearwater Beach gridlock
                                                                                                June 28, 2016
City officials are also now entertaining proposals for an aerial cable car gondola system and a fledgling magnetic levitation system called SkyTran.
Beyond one-way pairs, Bertels said there is nothing else that can be done to existing infrastructure. The City Council is expected to vote on the one-way pairs at its regular meeting Aug. 4, and Bertels said the reality is clear:

"There's really nothing else you can do," Bertels said. "You can't build roads. You can't widen what's out there. There's not enough room to do anything else. There are no other solutions other than maybe putting people in aerial vehicles or something."

May 2016

Clearwater Council gets glimpse of futuristic transit alternative

Tampa Bay Newspapers‎                                                  May 12, 2016

Tom Nocera appeared before the Clearwater City Council on May 5 to present his plan to alleviate traffic congestion to and from Clearwater ... 

Jetsons-like technology pitched as Clearwater Beach traffic solution

Tampabay.com (blog)‎                                                         May 5, 2016

“It's going to be revolutionary in regards to this form of transportation,” Nocera said in his presentation to the Clearwater City Council. “It's the future of public transportation" ... 

Daniel Ruth: The great gondola gallop in Pinellas

Tampabay.com‎                                                            May 26, 2016

Nocera has pitched a plan to the Clearwater City Council to install a futuristic skyTran system employing high-speed, elevated cars moving ... 

Clearwater greenlights study on aerial transit

Tampa Bay Newspapers‎                                             May 19, 2016

The request comes at the heels of a presentation by Clearwater resident Thomas Nocera, who is urging the city to consider his plan, which he ... 

Scientology's Fort Harrison hotel hosts mass transit pitch

Tampabay.com‎                                                              May 13, 2016

CLEARWATER — A pitch by a local advocate trying to interest City Hall in ... church representatives, Nocera said they offered the Fort Harrison. 
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Public weighs in on Tropicana Field site    TV   July 19, 2016
FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay                                                                                                                         
Tom Nocera pitched the idea of building a station there, for an aerial, solar-powered high-speed rail system he calls "BeachTran." "For maybe ...